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Kalau besar yang dituntut dan mulia yang dicari, maka payah melaluinya, panjang jalannya, dan banyak rintangannya.-Imam Ghazali
I am a little deaf, a little blind, a little impotent, and on top of this are two or three abdominable infirmitives, but nothing destroys my hope.-Voltair

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Am I?

Assalamualaikum to all readers..
Tonight, I had an inspiration to blog in english..
Don't ask me why, but sometimes it just happen..
Ok, lets proceed to our title,
Lately, I had been thinking.. who am I?
Am I the girl next door or the girl with popularity?
Me, popular? oh dear that is just not me.. LOL

So who am I?
I am a simple but sometimes unpredictable and just ridiculously unexplainable..
I don't understand my self either..
And I don't expect people to understand me..
I do have sense of humor and i love to laugh out loud..
I love my family and friends, I could not live without them..
I don't have anyone special yet, I am still searching for the one and only MR.FUTURE HUBBY

I cry when little things don't be the way i wanted, but hey, I'm gonna cry and get over it..
Just let me cry, or the pain will just stuck to my chest.. like a gastritis.. u know what i mean.
I love cleanliness and well organize stuff.. I don't like looking at unsorted surroundings..
I am more to my self rather than telling people how i feel..
Some things are just private, but most of times I just don't know how to tell someone that they are just damn annoying and to tell them to stop with the sarcasm..
Nobody's perfect.. so do I, and I don't expect perfectness from others..
There is no harm in being nice to each other eh?
It gives me headache thinking of it, don't you think so too?
I realize people are selfish and love to judge others so quickly..
But if you just take a minute to know me.. there is nothing to loose..
I have opinion in everything and mostly is not for others to argue..
Everyone has different opinion, please just accept it with a clear mind..

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